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Robert Loveless

Owner, Chief Investigator

Participated in multi-agency Task Force investigations both in and out of jurisdiction (as requested by mutual aid) working with Local Police, County Sheriff, State Fire Marshal’s Office, Criminal Identification Division, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and Texas Department of Public Safety. Specifically, Abernathy ISD School arson, Harmon Tank Manufacturing explosion, 34th Street Shopping Center and, Wylie Propane Plant explosion.

I have investigated; Fire fatalities and attended forensic autopsies, Industrial tank explosions, Propane plant explosion, Natural gas explosions, Petroleum Gas Lift Compressor fires and explosions, Hazardous material breach/leak, Consumer and commercial vehicle fires including several semi-tractors, trash trucks, and motor homes, Industrial equipment, Oil production and Tank Battery site fires and explosions, Public and private school fires.

I have made several adult and juvenile arrests. Worked multiple serial arsonist cases, Restaurant fires, Bar and Nightclub assemblies, Church’s, Apartment complexes, Mobile homes, and many commercial and residential structure fires. Many of these resulting in arrests for arson, insurance fraud, and other crimes. I have utilized the National Insurance Crime Database (NICB) for Insurance Fraud prosecution.

Periodic “training” fires with Priority1 as scene technician and evidence technician on cases since 2012 as well as pier reviewer for written reports. Have received and continue to receive assignments from most national insurance carriers and several law firms.

Served as Public Information Officer for Lubbock Fire Rescue. Worked on Presidential details with the Secret Service. I’ve also worked with DEA, FBI, Texas Rangers on special assignments. I perform building construction plans and fire protection system plans reviews and code compliance inspections for several jurisdictions in the West Texas area. I have extensive training and experience in Fire Protection Systems and Video Surveillance Systems.

Rick Womack


Rick Womack is a Certified Fire Investigator through the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI/CFI) with 34 years of experience. Beginning his career as a fire fighter, Rick quickly became interested in fire behavior. Since 1977 he has been involved in fire and explosion investigations in law enforcement and in the private sector.

Rick’s law enforcement career began with the Texas State Fire Marshall’s office as a Deputy State Fire Marshall assigned to the Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit. Rick was promoted to Regional Director over fire investigations for 86 counties and conducted investigations with the Texas Rangers, ATF, FBI and local authorities throughout Texas.

Serving in the private sector for 11 years, Rick has investigated and/or assisted in investigations involving fire deaths, fire injuries, firefighter deaths, homicides, explosions and bombings, clandestine labs, residential and business fires, vehicle fires, wildland fires, and appliance fires. Rick has testified as an expert witness in state, military and federal courts and has never been eliminated as an expert by a court.

Rick has obtained over 3,250 hours of documented training including origin and cause determinations of arson, accidental, electrical, structure, vehicles fires, gas explosions, wildfires, and appliance fires. Rick has also instructed and lectured at schools throughout Texas and New Mexico. In addition, Rick has been responsible for training fire investigators in the field and has been involved in close to 100 fire investigations per year.

Rick assisted in developing (and is a former President of) the West Texas Fire/Arson Investigators Association, an organization he is still involved in. He is also the former President and a member of the Central Texas Fire Investigators Association. Rick is also a member or former member of the FBI National Academy Association, International Association of Arson Investigators, International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators and the Texas State Arson Investigators Association.

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